Sounds to embrace you and make you realize you are loved unconditionally

Practice of mantra makes us able to evolve ourselves, form new habits, activate and use all parts of our brain which then guides us to our full potential. To who we are meant to be; happy and content. Stay curious in gaining Self knowledge. Chanting mantra, also called sacred sounds, is like discovering your creative potential. It is your inner Guru that awakens for you are the one creating the sounds that you need in order to heal yourself. You are the one that resonates the sounds, makes them expand and return to you for the sounds to embrace you and make you realize you are loved unconditionally. Making sounds by chanting mantra is bringing out the potential of that specific energy pattern of Shakti that is already in you, you just express it by audible sound. Our sound and our light is ever shining and existing in our chakras. Chanting with devotion brings us up to the temple in our heart chakra. It is here that when we internalize our senses, the vibration of sound is perceived on a deep spiritual level. Anaahata, translatable as unstruck sound, Sabda, is cosmic sound and present everywhere. Connecting ourselves again to the everlasting reality of living in a universe of sound, of vibration, of Nada, makes us realize who our true Self is.

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