Being One in sound

I am one in sound. There is no other. Consciousness is, was and shall ever be. ParamAtma. My inner ears grow large, I feel and absorb the akasha and I am listening, paying attention. I am silent and devoted to sound as the source of all existence. Contentment is here in my physical, subtle and causal body as I sit after chanting mantra and invert my senses to focus upon mantra. All other experience dissolves and I open up as a universe is shown in akasha. The sounds of the mantra continue from the heart as inaudible frequencies of golden light while my awareness goes up to the vibrations on top of my skull. Like the softest waves of inaudible sound, hot and tickling, wanting to unite with the golden light, into the source. 

Practice of mantra makes us able to evolve ourselves, form new habits, activate and use all parts of our brain which then guides us to our full potential. To who we are meant to be; happy and content. Stay curious in gaining Self knowledge. Chanting mantra, also called sacred sounds, is like discovering your creative potential. It is your inner Guru that awakens for you are the one creating the sounds that you need in order to heal yourself. You are the one that resonates the sounds, makes them expand and return to you for the sounds to embrace you and make you realize you are loved unconditionally. Making sounds by chanting mantra is bringing out the potential of that specific energy pattern of Shakti that is already in you, you just express it by audible sound. Our sound and our light is ever shining and existing in our chakras. Chanting with devotion brings us up to the temple in our heart chakra. It is here that when we internalize our senses, the vibration of sound is perceived on a deep spiritual level. Anahata, translatable as un-struck sound, Sabda, is cosmic sound and present everywhere. The jewel of pure love, light and sound can be seen, heard or felt by our internalized senses. Sound potentials are ever present: lettered or unlettered, struck by two objects or seemingly inaudible to the physical ear, invoked through the DeevaNagree alphabet, manifested or un-manifested, resounding in overtones of voice or tambura, in swirls of light, in waves of sound, in a rainbow… Connecting ourselves again to the everlasting reality of living in a universe of sound, of vibration, of Naada, makes us realize who our true Self is.

When chanting mantra we breathe through the nose, forming sounds with mouth, jaw and vocal cords, opening the vowels and letting them resonate. We distribute sounds through space, or as it is called in India, akasha. It is this akasha that is the most subtle of the five elements earth, water, fire, air and akasha. And it is this akasha that brings us to our potential to practice inverting the senses, focus and pay attention, which is meditation. It is this akasha that enables us to witness. When sound fades and the density of silence is felt, it is akasha we feel and absorb through our ears and skin and leads energy upwards. All sound creates akasha but different qualities of akasha have different colors and effects which you can experience. The quality of akasha is determined by how refined sound is and your chanting practice. In Naada yoga silence is practiced. For how do we hear vibrations of our inner sounds, our nadaa, when we are not able to be completely silent? Go beyond the sounds to enter the silence. Feel, hear and see the reality that sound is Omnipresent in silence. Devotion in chanting and sensitivity to the element akasha also softens the ego. Devotion in a state of being, realizing I am in Divine and All is in me. I am the other and the other is me. There is no separation, whether it is in our internal or external reality, for vibration contains the essence, our source of existence which is sound. Consciousness is all pervading and ever present in all layers of the whole universe. What you think, feel, do and say matters in honoring that. For they are all vibrations in the causal, subtle and physical fields. Mantra is a powerful practice to integrate these three fields, bodies and our triparted brain. The practice of being one with sound enables us to increase our light, evolve our spine, enlighten our reptile brain and form new habits that guide us to our full potential. To who we are meant to be, happy and content. Daily spiritual practice, from yama and niyama to breath, meditation, fasting or cold showers, it all opens up your brain to mastery, to being independent and awakened. When we start to use all brain functions and regulate our emotions we can distribute hormones where they are needed. Then we can heal through sound what needs to be healed within ourselves. Mantras are an instrument on a spiritual path to awaken your inner Guru, your Kundalenee and meet your inner source, your stillness, your Shiva.  

My own translation of chapter 6 vers 29 to 31, from a dutch Bhagavad Gita (translated directly from Sanskrit by professor W. Callewaert): 6 vers 29: He/she who is one with the Self through yoga, sees the Self in all and all things in the Self. One sees the Self everywhere. Vers 30: To one who sees Me in all things and sees that everything is within Me, I am never lost and they are never lost to Me. Vers 31:That yogî who is steadfast in this oneness, who honors Me as living in everything, she/he lives in Me, whatever the circumstances.