Full moon sounds

These sounds are a tool for synchronizing the breath with the appearance of the new and full moons. At sunrise, when the breath is in sync with the lunar cycle, we feel the beneficial effects for the rest of the day.

The body has precise mechanisms for aligning with the rhythmic cycle of the planets and the cosmos. Close observation of the breath reveals that sometimes the flow of air is greater in the left or in the right nostril. The cycle of breath is directly related to new moon and full moon.

What is known is that the nose serves a vital role in maintaining good health by filtering inhaled air. If we inhale through the nose, it is Prana (vital life energy) that we breathe. When chanting mantra this Prana is essential to be able to absorb the provided lunar or solar energy inhaled through our left (Ida) or right (Pingala) nostril. These are so called nadis, pranic channels. Ida flows through the left nostril and is supported by the moon. Pingala flows through the right nostril and is supported by the sun. When neither Ida or Pingala predominates and the flow of the nostrils is even, Sushumna, the middle channel, is open and provides an ideal condition for meditation.

On the morning following full moon (brightest night) an open right nostril balances us with the necessary solar energy while lunar energy is abundant in the cosmos. Observe which nostril is more open before and after sunrise.

Sit comfortably. Breathe in through the nose. Experience the quality of silence and space (akaasha) you create by these sounds.

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Sounds for contentment


I realized, while on my bike one day, that I have been doing one thing only in my life. Looking for God. Consciousness. Tat. ParamAtman. Mother Goddess. Or the name each of us give That when thinking of the Eternal, Unchanging Self. 

All my life I experienced the separation from the Source, from my Home, longing to reunite. 

And now here on my bike, almost 40 years of age and a mother of two, I could see that Consciousness is all around me for He Is the sky I am under, the road I am riding on, the thoughts, feelings, sensations I have, from starting point to destiny, the journey Itself.… He is always here even though I thought He was not. The nearest place to find Him is in me. He never even left. He is everywhere for He is the Universe I experience.

When did you last feel carried by Mother Goddess, like she was holding you in the palm of Her hand?