Pass on light



We live in interesting times of human consciousness. Our evolution is, again, at a crossroads; do we choose spiritual development and open our eyes or do we let ignorance dominate our lives? 

If we remember who we truly are we can find our way back to the Self. Aveedya, Sanskrit for ignorance, is according to Vedaanta, the inability to discern between the ego and the Self. Knowledge has always come from within. Those before us who did their saadhana, a spiritual practice that aids spiritual growth, found out how to listen to their Inner Guru (again). 

We all have the potential to contribute to change. It starts with this inner voice that tells you what is true and what is not. And when we pay attention, translated as dhyaana which is Sanskrit for meditation, we will gain knowledge. Knowledge of the Self. And we will remember who we truly are and we will pass on that light. Even if it is just a bit of light, or even when it very dark around us or even if we do not yet see that light makes a difference. You do what you know to be true. From ignorance to knowledge. 

Know that you are never alone for we have many (yogi) brothers and sisters on our spiritual path. Consciousness is all pervading, ever present. Divinity is in you.